Your Baby Gift Guide (6 - 12 months)
Claire Andrews ⋅ Nov 17, 2023

Your Baby Gift Guide (6 - 12 months)


Here are a few gift ideas that your infant (and you!) will love.

Before you deep dive into developmental goodness though, I do want you guys to keep in mind one thing - you know the saying "they don't care about the present, they only care about the box and wrapping paper"? It's true.

So as times are tough at the moment and we all have a lot to pay for, try to take the pressure off yourself to buy the perfect Christmas or Birthday present. They care more about the person giving the present, than what they are actually receiving.

Now, as many of you message me for gift ideas to help promote different area's of your infant's development, here they are!


Great for fine motor skills... 

Montessori Sensory Pull-String Toy 

I was once out at brunch with a friend who had her nine-month-old with her. Guess how much time we got to have a (relatively) uninterrupted conversation, while her baby played happily in the pram? 35 WHOLE MINUTES. Yep, it was crazy. The reason why? This toy. Enough said. This toy is also fantastic because it helps build your baby's understanding of:

  • Colours
  • Cause and effect

Montessori Sensory Pull-String Toy

Great for strengthening limbs as well as their social skills...

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker 

If you had told me three years ago this this would be one of (if not THE) most-used toy in our house then I would have laughed. Both girls absolutely adored using this for many reasons. The purple phone on this is STILL a regularly used toy in their pretend play, lonnnngg after the days of learning to walk. 

This is a fantastic toy as it encourages your baby to develop their gross motor strength by allowing them to pull to stand, then when they are ready - start to take their first steps! I love that you can set the wheels to two different speeds (so for young childr


VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Great for their speech & language development...

KAEKID Soft Building Blocks & Stacking Rings 

This is a great set for a few reasons! In terms of speech and language development, when played with a caregiver or adult, taking turns to stack a block or place a ring down, is great for your baby. Use very simple language such as "your turn", "my turn", "wait" and "done". To further help your baby, use hand gestures to further help to communicate with your baby.

I particularly love this set because it is safe for your baby to chew and mouth on, as they are getting new teeth through!

Soft stacking blocks and rings


Great for their social development...

Baby Faces Board Book 

This best-selling book features a fantastic array of different expressions, all of a baby who will be a similar age to yours! Why is this important?

A huge part of your baby's social development, comes down to being able to understand a variety of different expressions. The complexity of this understanding will grow and grow, as they do! This book can be an excellent starting point for a couple of reasons though...

  • It can be a fantastic starting point for playing a game with your baby, where you try to copy the "funny faces" in the book.
  • You can make up a short story for each page, to help give meaning for your baby.
  • This book will come in useful for many ages, right up to Kindergarten! As a toddler, you can use the book to help your toddler explain how they feel inside (when they dont yet have the words to express what's going on for them).

Baby Faces book

Something simply very cute...

Their new best friend (GUND Soft Toy

From seven months of age, you can start using a comfort toy within your baby's sleep space. There is something so special about finding the friend that your baby can cuddle at night and what cuter toy than this koala.


GUND Soft Toy

Get them something YOU need!

There is so much pressure that comes with your Baby's First Christmas which can add a heap of stress on parents - especially when so many people are having to try and cut-back on spending as much as possible (BIG thanks interest rates, we hate you). If you have plenty of toys but need clothes, bathers or accessories (eg. hats), then put your hard earned money toward these areas.

Infant Bowl & Feeding Set 

Infant Bowl and Feeding Set

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