5 Baby Shower Gifts Your Friend Will Love!
Claire Andrews ⋅ Feb 04, 2024

5 Baby Shower Gifts Your Friend Will Love!

Hey guys, if you're anything like me then you will both love and loathe the experience of shopping for a baby shower present.

I LOVE giving a gift that I know that my friend or loved one will adore. Equally, I can't stand the overwhelm that comes with all. the. things. you can buy. 

With literally a million-and-one options, let's keep it simple with five different gift options that are guaranteed to impress and reduce the mental load for a soon-to-be mum:

Coffee Voucher

Does your friend have a particular coffee shop close by? We all know how vitally important that is in the weeks/months (years?!) after welcoming your baby so why not give the gift (voucher) that keeps on giving! By giving a voucher for a coffee shop within walking distance, you're allowing Mum to get her verrrry important dose of caffeine. Not to mention, she will love you for it long after the voucher runs out.

Create a 'kit' for home or away.

Reduce the mental load by helping your friend to prepare for life with their baby. Whether it's by creating a bath kit or making sure they're covered for any nappy explosion with a car kit, this will take one thing off expectant parents 'to-do list' while giving them a practical gift that will be used over and over again.

(For a full run-down of the must-have baby and postnatal recovery items, download your free copy of Bump To Baby eBook here)

Take the stress out of playtime!

Remember those early days of being told you should 'play' with your baby and yet having no clue about how to actually do that? It's one of the most common concerns for new parents - so why not take the stress away! Lovevery have a range of play kits, specially designed to meet the developmental needs at each baby's age and stage! This can be a game-changer for time-poor parents who don't have the time (or inclination) to hand-make toys for their baby.

Why not chat with other friends and family about going in together for a Lovevery play kit subscription? This way parents will receive a new box of goodies every 2-3 months, another gift that keeps on giving!

"I just hate having a clean house", said no one, ever.

Keep it simple, give the gift of a clean house. Nothing reduces the mental load of a parent (let's be real...mum) quite like the gift of NOT having to clean the bathroom or mop the floors.

Care Australia offer a wide range of services, from housekeeping to childcare (they also offer pet-sitting which could be a great option if your loved one is staying in hospital for 2+ nights!).

Hey look! It's magic nappies and wipes!

Who needs a gigantic nappy-tower when you can just make a monthly supply magically appear on your friend's doorstep? Give the gift of less time in the supermarket and a lighter mental load. Amazon have a 'Subscribe & Save' option for nappies and wipes, making this a very simple and practical way to make a huge difference to new parents. Check out the full range of Subscribe & Save nappies and wipes here.

Don't forget to tell your friends about their free copy of the Bump To Baby Preparation eBook, so that they can feel prepared for new-baby life from every angle!
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