I'm Claire, it's so lovely to have you here.

I am a mum of two beautiful little girls, a maternal child health nurse and a midwife.

I founded Safe Hands Early Parenting for many reasons, but to save your time and reading energy, I'll keep it simple and to the point.

The transition into parenthood is the most monumental adjustment a person will make in their life. People need to be more supported and seen on their journey into, and throughout, early parenthood.

At Safe Hands, I am passionate about bringing better support and more understanding to the experience behind parenthood.

Through resources and support, I know that parents can navigate parenthood feeling more confident and with an eased mental load.

Professional life...

The short story:

Registered Nurse (Bachelor of Nursing, Australian Catholic University)

Registered Midwife (Bachelor of Midwifery - Graduate Entry - Australian Catholic University)

Maternal & Child Health Nurse (Graduate Diploma in Child, Family & Community Nursing, La Trobe University)

The long story:

I have worked across a range of specialties in nursing and midwifery. Having started my nursing career over a decade ago (I cared for my first group of patients by myself as a RN on my 21st birthday - happy birthday to me!), I have seen a hell of alot of stuff. From cardiology, to family planning, my nursing career gave me the skills to help people to feel at ease and cared for.

After completing my post-graduate qualification in Midwifery, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work in one of Australia's largests specialty women's hospitals. In my role as a midwife at The Women's in Melbourne, I worked across a range of models of care, before moving into an education role (I have always loved and valued, the role that education and support plays).

More recently and after becoming a parent myself, I knew that my skill set and passion for working with women would be best served as a Maternal Child Health Nurse. I returned to uni (again!) to complete my post-grad qualification to work as a MCHN, which is where I now work two days a week!

Learn more about my story...

To discover more about why I created Safe Hands and am so passionate about supporting people through early parenthood, have a listen to The Moment to hear two of my own incredibly formative experiences

About Safe Hands

Safe Hands Early Parenting was founded in August 2022, with an Instagram page dedicated to bringing bite-sized pieces of education and support for people navigating early parenthood.