Your Baby Gift Guide (0 - 6 months)
Claire Andrews ⋅ Nov 17, 2023

Your Baby Gift Guide (0 - 6 months)



Here are a few gift ideas that your baby (and you!) will love.

Before you deep dive into developmental goodness though, I do want you guys to keep in mind one thing - you know the saying "they don't care about the present, they only care about the box and wrapping paper"? It's true.

So as times are tough at the moment and we all have a lot to pay for, try to take the pressure off yourself to buy the perfect Christmas or Birthday present. They care more about the person giving the present, than what they are receiving.

Now, as many of you message me for gift ideas to help promote different area's of your baby's development, here they are!

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Great all-rounder for their development...

REMOKING Tummy Time Baby Gym 

In the parent groups I run, this is absolutely THE toy that will get the most use during floor time. For babies who struggle to do tummy time for longer than two minutes without screaming, this is a great way to keep them happy! 

  • This is a great toy for developing your baby's gross motor skills.
    • Mid and upper back strength: With activities and colour incorporated into the mat, this will help your baby to stay engaged with tummy time and further their back and neck strength. This will go on to help them develop skills such as rolling and sitting (supported, then unsupported).
  • Also awesome for fine motor skills:
    • Around 4 months of age, you'll notice that your baby has a much more 'relaxed' hand, meaning that they go from clenched fists to open palm. This means that they will start reaching out for objects and grasp them briefly. While lying on their back, the toys will encourage them to practice this skill.
  • Cognitive & Speech development:
    • The piano provides a great opportunity to practice cause and effect with your baby ("when I press this button, a sound is made") as well as very basic turn-taking ("your turn" - reach out for the toy, "stop", "my turn" - you shake the toy)

Remoking Tummy Time Sensory Mat

Great for their speech/language development...

COOLPLAY Suction Sensory Bath Toy 

Bath toys are a terrific play environment for your newborn baby (and beyond). These toys can really help you to start building your baby's understanding of cause and effect, an absolutely essential element of speech and language development. 

Also great for this area of development is turn-taking! Take turns with your baby to spin the toy, teaching them "your turn", "my turn" and "stop" as you go!

Coolplay Suction Bath Toy

Great for their fine motor development...


 This ball is a fantastic way to introduce your baby to interacting with toys. This toy will literally get used for years, is so adaptable and perfect for little hands (you can introduce this as early as you like).

This is a great way to help your baby develop their fine motor skills, as they move from having a clenched fist in the first few months, to an open hand (that will start grasping at toys) at around 3 - 4 months of age.


Great for their cognitive development...

TUMAMA Soft Cloth Book 3-pack 

LOVE me a soft book that can attach to the pram 👌🤩

The black and white contrast in these books is absolutely perfect for newborn or very young babies, as they cant see a full spectrum of colour yet. I also love that this comes in a 3-pack so you can either keep all for yourself (one for the car, one for the pram and one for the home) OR you can divide and present-conquer if you have other little babies to buy presents for. Absolute winner in my book.

  • Fine motor development:
    • Turning pages provides a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills by moving from one page to the next.
  • This is a great introduction to books, from a very early age which is essential for future cognitive, speech and language development.
Soft Cloth Book 3-pack

Great for learning to use their fingers and practice self-feeding behaviour...

TOWO Wooden Rattle Maraca & Teething Toys 

Tis the season to start putting things in the mouth! At around four months of age, many babies will find their hands and start grasping as anything they can find. These wooden maracas are fabulous because they also double as a teething toy that will come in verrrryy handy over the next six to twelve months.

As your baby starts bringing objects to their mouth, this forms the basis of actions that will later help them to learn to feed themselves! Providing them with the opportunity to practice this skill from 3 - 4 months will go a long way to establishing self-feeding with finger foods (and much later, using cutlery) later in life. 

TOWO Wooden Rattle Maraca & Teething Toys

Get them something YOU need!

There is so much pressure that comes with your Baby's First Christmas which can add a heap of stress on parents - especially when so many people are having to try and cut-back on spending as much as possible (BIG thanks interest rates, we hate you). If you have plenty of toys but really actually need clothes, bathers or accessories (eg. hats), then put your hard earned money toward these areas.

The ultimate in sun protection...

i play. Kids Broad Brimmed Hat (Many colours available) 

iplay. Broad brimmed hat


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