The Baby Shower Wishlist You Never Knew You Needed
Claire Andrews ⋅ Jan 09, 2024

The Baby Shower Wishlist You Never Knew You Needed

Tell your pregnant friends! The 2019-pregnant-and-confused-version of me would have LOVED THIS!

I have just discovered that Amazon have a Baby Wishlist and wow am I excited. 

Never again will you have to answer a million questions from friends and family about what you want for your baby shower - it can literally all be in one very handy place - just send them a link!

What's even better, when using your Bump To Baby eBook (it's free!) or when checking out my Amazon Storefront, you can so easily add my top-rated products for you and for your baby, straight onto your wishlist.

Here is how to make your baby shower gifting so damn simple:

  1. Sign up for your Baby Wishlist on Amazon Australia.
  2. Head to your Bump To Baby eBook (for all the quantities you need of your baby and postpartum essentials) or straight to the Safe Hands Storefront for all of your parenting needs.
  3. Check out the items that I recommend by combining my experience as a Maternal Child Health Nurse, Midwife and as a Mum of two.
  4. When looking at each item, click on the 'Add To Baby Wishlist' button (its on the far right of the page, underneath the 'Buy Now' section.
  5. When you have made your wishlist, share the link  with your friends and family!

Amazingly though, there's more.

If there are any items on your wishlist that aren't purchased for you as a gift, you have up to 90 days after your baby's due date to buy them yourself WITH a discount (up to 15% if you're a Prime member).

PLUS you get a welcome gift if you spend over $39.

THEN you can send out Thank-you notes to everyone who contributed to an item on your Wishlist! Aka the ultimate time-saver when you start your maternity leave.

Baby shower gifting has been made so damn easy, thanks to Bump To Baby and the Baby Wishlist


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