ADHD life-saving parenting tips!
Claire Andrews ⋅ Jan 23, 2024

ADHD life-saving parenting tips!

Hey guys! This week on The Moment Podcast I was joined by Alex, who spoke so damn well about her experiences with neurodiversity and baby-life colliding and not being a walk-in-the-park.

Alex has been so generous and has shared some tips and tricks that she uses in her day-to-day life as a mum. Here they are:

1. Get AI to plan your meals, schedule your day and set up to-do lists for you.
You can tell chatGPT what you have in the pantry and it will create a dinner idea for you - perfect for if/when you don’t have time to go to the shops/you're tired/etc. With all my appointments and plans for my day, I tell chatGPT my commute time, how long it’ll take me to get ready, and ask it what I’ll need to bring so I have a structured list of things I need to pack in my bag and a specific schedule with timestamps when I need to leave etc. 
2. If you can afford it, get a cleaner.
The less clutter in my house, the better and clearer I think! It’s not an option for everyone but I’m a much nicer mum when I’m not overwhelmed by dishes. If you can’t get a cleaner and you like a clean space, leave dishes in the sink and laundry etc and then after your baby is asleep, set a timer for 20 min and do a quick tidy up. It’ll help a lot!
3. Delete social media during the week
My mind is a mess with even more info I can’t do anything with if I’m scrolling. 
4. Meditation clears my mind SO much.
I do the NSDR protocol by Andrew Huberman on YouTube (it’s free) whenever I have time. It’s 10 minutes but sometimes I just do a very quick 3/4 min during Arlo’s day nap. Whatever you can manage! 
5. Take photos of your Medicare, driver's licence card etc.
Save them to a locked folder on your phone. that way if you forget them - you have a backup copy. 
6. Snacks!
Keep snacks all over the place in case of hangry overstimulation scenarios.
7. Put a spare house key in a secret part of your nappy bag
In case you get locked out of the house which I do at least once a week!
8. Buy frozen spinach and put it in everything.
This is incase you’ve got veggie sensory issues or you’ve forgotten to eat some greens. $1 per bag at Coles. Scurvy doesn’t sound fun for mamas or babies. 

Be sure to tune in to Alex's episode - The Moment 'I Started ADHD Meds'

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