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Postnatal Support

The Baby Prep Pack

The Baby Prep Pack

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Many parents spend time poring over their birthing plan - and fair enough! - but what about the Other Plan? You know, the plan for when the baby is here, and it's time to head home from the hospital? The Baby Prep Pack is here to bridge that gap, and walk alongside new parents as they tackle what's to come.

The Baby Prep Pack features:

  • A Paperback copy of Bump to Baby so you can have a companion and source of support, right by your side. Ft. five sections - Baby, Body, Mind, Home & Our Postnatal Planner.

  • A QR code on each page, giving you easy and direct access to all fact sheets, videos, podcasts and products that are recommended within the Bump to Baby.
  • Access to the products I recommend as a Maternal Child Health Nurse and Mum - including exclusive and unlimited-use discounts to your favourite brands.
  • Tip sheets for everything from bath-time to bonding, so you always feel like an expert is in your corner.
  • Our Postnatal Planner - which steps you through the 'plannable' aspects of the first hour, day, week and month of life with your baby.
  • Space to create a personalised health directory so you can add the contact details of the best experts in your area.
  • A Front Door Sign so you can easily communicate to visitors not to disturb your sleeping baby.
  • Two Self-Care Planners, so you can actively plan for little moments of restoration in early parenthood.
  • Access to exclusive discount codes for a breastfeeding course, postnatal recovery programs and leading retailers.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tahlia Madden
Super helpful toolkit

A lot of education around becoming a parent focuses on the pregnancy and the lead up to birth and then you are left with a big question mark about what comes after… the big ‘what to do’ when you are now responsible for a real life tiny infant?! This education pack fills that gap to save you from the google trap.
Because your so focused on your baby.. I was not adequately prepared about how I was supposed to look after myself. There were so many questions I forgot to ask. The pack also helps to tackle those big unknowns - all in one handy place.

Tom C
Great Resource

We got the Safe Hands baby prep pack while preparing for our second and highly recommend for both first time parents and those who want a refresh before the birth of another child. I would also recommend following Claire on Instagram for extra tips!

Christine Andrews
Given as a gift

I gave the book as a gift to a very new Mum, feedback from her has been very positive also from her mother who thought the content and layout was excellent.

Claudene Shoesmith
Bump to baby

Such a great, practical reference that prompted us to have conversations we hadn’t thought of

An all in one book!

What an amazing pack full of reliable, relevant and easy to read information. So perfect for this stage of our pregnancy to have it released! Thank you! I have read through in full and also have used the contents pages to refer back to specific information as needed. Thanks again! Highly recommend for all expecting parents.

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Consultation Package FAQ's

Are any of the consult packages suitable for second-time parents?

Absolutely! All of them are!

The beauty of these packages is that the education is completely tailored to your family's needs.

Do you have a toddler who might struggle to transition to 'big brother/sister'? Let's talk about some strategies that may help. Did your first experience of feeding your baby not turn out as you had hoped? Let's talk about what that means for your feeding journey this time around.

What is the travel fee if I'm further than 20km from Melbourne CBD?

This will be entirely dependent on just how far I will be travelling. It's best to email me ( so I can give you an accurate quote.

I have a few friends who are all pregnant at the same time - can we have a group session?

We can absolutely facilitate a group session for the Keep it Simple Online Package.

Contact me ( for a quote!

Do these packages replace the need for a lactation consultant appointment or breastfeeding course?

Great question! While I am not an IBCLC (lactation consultant), as a midwife I do have the scope to provide information and education regarding breastfeeding (and all feeding methods!).

If you have any complexities (such as a history of breast surgery) then I will always recommend you engage with a lactation consultant in addition to any education you complete while you are pregnant.

The Safe Hands consultation packages provide a comprehensive overview of all methods for feeding your baby.

To discuss your individual needs further, contact Claire at